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Tracking The Trump/Clinton Debate - TV Ratings Galore

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    I remember a time where my family would casually tune into the presidential debates. I remember they would watch them for a few minutes and then eventually click over to Macgyver reruns, or something similar. The presidential debates have been popular ever since they were first televised back in the 60's. Some say that the debates being televised is what cost Nixon his first presidential race because the camera caught a glint of sweat on his forehead while he was debating with the soon-to-be President Kennedy.

    Politicians, like most things over time, have changed a lot. Campaigns are even different. To me, it seems as though each year the presidential nominees become more and more colorful, as well as controversial. I think that is why more Americans are watching this year's race more than any race before.

    The four presidential debates are upon us, and any one of them has the potential to break the most watched event in TV history. It is rumored that Monday's debate might just do that.

    According to CBS, analysts predict that Monday's presidential debate may beat a couple of records. One, being the record from the 1980 debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, 80 million Americans tuned in to watch it. They are also saying that Monday's audience could come close to beating the most watched sporting event in U.S history, which was the 2015 Super Bowl. 115 million people tuned in to that. Even if Monday's debate doesn't exceed the high mark, the other three have just as much potential. There is a good chance that if the debates increasingly become heated, the odds are much more likely. With how tumultuous and chaotic this presidential race has been, I'm sure those who aren't even political will tune in to watch the possible drama unfold. With the ever-changing political climate, I see the debates continuously rivaling any other televised event going forward.

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    I think it will break the record, for most collective views. Partly because it will be airing on all the big local channels, as well as the top 3 24-news networks, and CSPAN. Probably streaming live on youtube,, etc. So compared to the Super Bowl where you only had one channel, granted it wasn't exclusive or anything, still I think having multiple outlets makes it very accessible.

    And then there's Trump. Whatever you think of the guy, he brings ratings everywhere he goes. So with that combo I think it really will happen, in either the 1st debate, or the 3rd. Have a feeling the 2nd will have a pretty significant drop off.

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    A good debate to call out, the Nixon/JFK one. I believe Nixon was quoted to saying something to the effect that it didn't matter what he looked like on TV. JFK proved him completely wrong there.

    Now we have HD and internet streaming, smart phones and satellite tv. A different world. It will break records for the reasons mentioned above, as well as the international audience. I bet there are a least a million who want to see what Trump is really about, live vs Hilary.. a million actually seems like a gross underestimate.

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    Here's that debate. Got me curious if they had it on Youtube or not. Well, here it is in full. Interesting to watch, compared to now. Two candidates sitting down. Moderator in between them. So simple compared to nowadays with a stadium filled with people watching, with candidates coming out to announcements like WWE fighters (they still do that, right?).

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    Previous record was Reagan vs Carter back in 1980 I think with around 80 million. This one could rival Super Bowl with 100 million maybe?
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    Official numbers should be out tomorrow. But prelim thoughts are that it almost got the same amount of views as Super Bowl 50: Presidential debate ratings: How many watched Trump vs. Clinton?

    When final numbers come in, the Clinton-Trump debate should score as one of the highest- rated television events of 2016.

    Super Bowl 50, the most-watched television show this year, received a 46.6 rating and a 72 share. 111 million people watched the Broncos defeat the Panthers.

    The overnight rating for the Clinton-Trump debate is just 6% off the Super Bowl's number, meaning the number of viewers for the debate could be near 100 million.

    Final viewership numbers for the debate will be released on Tuesday.

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    Initial reports by Nielson show it was the most watched debate in history and they don't even have the numbers from PBS, C-Span, and online viewing.
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    I'm thinking the final debate this week will the fireworks show everyone has been anticipating, even more so than the last one. For the most part, it will be the candidates' last time to speak in front of such a large audience.