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Could manufactured home communities be a good option for retirees?

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    I thought this was interesting to say the least, especially because my mom and dad are getting closer to this time in their lives. According to the article, the U.S Census Bureau states that Baby Boomers number just over 75 million, and projected growth of 65 and up, are estimated to be somewhere around 87 million by 2050. At one end of the spectrum, you have empty nesters, and at the other, you have those approaching the age of 65, who are looking at retirement.

    With a bit of downsizing, a manufactured 55+ community would be a better option than apartments or possibly even long-term life care facilities. Manufactured homes, of course, are prefabricated homes, but if you think about it from a minimalist stand point, it would free an individual up to travel and just use it as a base of operations. I think it would be bring a whole new meaning to retirement. It would be retirement without the doom and gloom of the impending twilight years. Put a community like that next to a beach and you have the physical manifestation of Margaritaville. Thoughts?

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    This could be a great option for baby boomers who aren't well off enough to buy into a resort style retirement community. The vast majority of seniors are not wealthy enough to retire in Florida and have all of their needs taken care of for the rest of their lives, but something like this could solve the problem of seniors living in houses that are too big or have too many stairs they have to climb.

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    Could work well, especially if each community had a few home care nurses to help out if needed. Everyone could chip in for the costs, maybe even be partially paid through insurance in a lot of cases? Would minimize costs, with possibly maximizing freedom and socializing, for those inclined. I like the idea.