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List of Notable Democratic National Convention Speakers

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    The Democratic National Convention that will culminate in the official nomination of Hillary Clinton for President takes place 7/25-28 and the speaking list includes some of the biggest names both in and out of politics.


    All eyes are going to be on Senator Bernie Sanders Monday night when he delivers his speech before the convention. He has always endorsed Secretary Clinton, but it will be interesting to see how full throated his endorsement will be tonight. Many of his supporters are sill lukewarm on Mrs. Clinton and she is going to have to rely heavily on Senator Sanders to bring them into the fold.

    First Lady Michelle Obama and keynote speaker Senator Elizabeth Warren are also speaking on Monday. Warren is adored by the left flank of the party and will have to do her best to convince her supporters to the Clinton camp.


    The biggest name to give a speech on Tuesday will be former President and potential "First Gentleman" Bill Clinton.

    Mothers of black Americans killed by gun violence either at the hands of police or in their communities will also be given a prime time stop to shine a light on gun deaths in America.

    Tuesday is also the day Democrats will officially nominate Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine to lead the Democratic ticket in the November election.


    Both President Obama and Vice President Biden will be delivering prime time addresses on Wednesday.

    Independent former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will also address the crowd that evening to make the case for Clinton and against Donald Trump. Bloomberg is a Republican turned Independent who recently endorsed Secretary Clinton.

    Wednesday night will round out with Senator Tim Kaine's speech. It will be his first opportunity to deliver a speech to a national audience who still is largely unaware of who he is.


    The full list of speakers for Thursday night has yet to be released, but it is the night Secretary Clinton will have the chance to make her case to the nation.

    I'm interested to see how this convention will play out. One of the main things I'm going to be paying attention to is how Bernie Sanders delegates conduct themselves during the week. His speech on Monday night will likely play a big role in that, but just as important will be the speeches four of his supporters in the primary. Secretary Clinton seems to be giving Sanders supporters an olive branch by giving multiple Sanders supporters a place to speak.

    It will also be interesting to see how the convention itself plays out compared to last weeks Republican convention. I have a strong feeling they are going to be polar opposites. What "mood" the American people are in won't be known until November, but no one will be able to say they don't know where each party stands after this week is over with.

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    I'm looking forward to Mr. Sanders speech tonight. My home state is very likely going for Trump, but I hope that he is able to reach his supporters who are on the fence in the swing states and convince them that Clinton is a heck of a lot better than Trump.