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    I have a question about benefits. I work but I think I also have sleep apnea .do I qualify disability if I all ready get social security
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    This might help. (all this is taken from an article, pulled in part from the SS benefits page) ----

    [Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability:]

    Automatic Disability Benefits for Sleep Apnea

    While most people who have sleep apnea will have a hard time qualifying for disability, those who have suffered complications from sleep apnea are more likely to qualify. For instance, if you have pulmonary vascular hypertension, or heart trouble such as cor pulmonale, or a severe cognitive impairment caused by lack of sleep, you may be eligible for benefits. The SSA lists certain criteria for sleep-related disorders, and if you fulfill the requirements, you will automatically be approved for disability benefits.

    Cognitive Impairment

    Chronic sleep disruptions caused by apnea can affect daytime alertness, intellectual ability, memory, and mood. But to qualify for disability benefits because of these problems, your symptoms must be severe. The SSA requires that your sleep apnea has caused cognitive or mood changes that limit your activities, your ability to function socially, or your ability to focus and keep up with work because of one of the following:

    Cor Pulmonale

    Cor pulmonale is an enlarged right heart ventricle caused by hypertension in the pulmonary veins. Years of sleep apnea can cause this type of heart disease. To prove that your cor pulmonale is severe enough to keep you from working, you must have either evidence of either:

    • High blood pressure in the pulmonary artery; above 40 mm HG, or
    • Oxygen levels in your blood as low as or lower than the values in the SSA's disability listing for chronic pulmonary insufficiency.

    I just copy and pasted the important parts. But I would imagine that if you do believe it's severe enough, you would likely have to consult with your doctor, and provide necessary proof to the Social Security disability department. And then go from there. Hope this helps.