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Medicare perscriptions have dropped in medical marijuana states

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    Since the benefits from the use of medical marijuana has become more of a common knowledge, it looks as though there is a shift in the number prescriptions through Medicare, namely, Medicare Part D. The cost of prescription drugs continue to rise, which I'm sure helped this along as well. Drugs such as opioid painkillers and antidepressants, have seen a drop in the number of prescriptions in states where medical marijuana is legal.

    According to this, medical marijuana saved Medicare in the ball park of $165 million in 2013. It is also estimated that if medical marijuana was available to every state, we could see $470 million drop in Part D spending.

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    I've been on the bandwagon for a long time now that legalizing marijuana would help the economy, not to mention that it's ethical and it makes no sense at all for it to be illegal in the first place.

    Given all that, I never considered the angle of it reducing costs for the health care industry. Sure, the pharma companies will take a hit. But I don't care about them. And unless you work directly for one of those companies or are a shareholder or something along those lines in the health care drug market (pain management in pill form industry), I bet you don't either.

    Legalizing weed will help destroy the underground market for drugs. It can be taxed at very high rates, and stimulate any economy that legalizes it. Just look at Denver. Crime has gone down, drunk driving has gone down, tax revenues have gone way up, AND healthcare costs can go down to? Why in the hell would we not just go ahead and nationally legalize it right now?

    Oh. Not to mention less people in jail for nonviolent crimes. So why isn't marijuana legal again?

    It's a good question that many ask. And all the answers against that I hear frankly suck.

    ( i do realize this is about medical marijuana. But let's be serious. That's just a necessary stepping stone to making it legal across the board. Fully legal, and fully regulated, and fully taxed within reason)

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    This is interesting. So why specifically Medicare part D?