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Three stocks worth investing in for retirement

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    This is interesting. I appreciate breakdowns on subjects of interest, as do most I assume. So, kudos to USA Today for the nifty article. I'll put up the skinny for you paragraph skimmers out there. Wink

    When it comes to retirement, stocks, seem to always come up as a viable retirement supplement. I have to agree, we can't depend on very much else aside from bonds and our own savings accounts, earned by the sweat of our brows. According to the article, there are three prime stocks which should be invested in today. I wanted to share them with the rest of the class.

    1: Wells Fargo - An old institution, but they seem to have done better than the other banks in the past couple of years.

    2: General Electric - I used to have some of their stock, and I must say, it was pretty stable from beginning to end.

    3: Proctor & Gamble - I know these guys have a dependable track record and they, much like the two above, have been around forever.

    Bottom line, it's a no-brainer to go with the older, more stable companies when it comes longevity, as opposed to some newer corporations who are banking it, but may fold the next day. Food for thought.

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    Interesting. My instinct is to rank them in reverse order. Banks fail, as we have seen. And maybe eventually they won't get bailed out. GE seems solid; we shall see what happens with the energy sector, and if they can adapt with the times accordingly. I think they will be players for at least a few decades to come. P&G feels to me like the most stable of the 3. Consumer goods market isn't going anywhere, and they have so many products and branches, seems super stable to me.