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Scammers pose as family, claiming Social Security payoff

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    It seems like I'm always coming across this stuff, or it happening to me personally. Knowledge is power, ladies and gentlemen. We must stay informed.

    It's so simple, but yet potentially damaging. Hackers are posing as family members, claiming that they have received a list with the recipients name on it, which entitles them to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In order for the recipient to receive the cash, which will be hand delivered, they must send a "delivery fee".

    Remember, government agencies will never ask you to send money in exchange for prizes or unpaid loans. Also, they cannot ask you to wire money or add it to a prepaid debit card. For a personal account, check this out.

    Signs that it is a scam, from the article:

    • Being asked to wire money to a stranger or friend in need
    • Being selected for a mystery shopping job, especially if you never applied
    • Pressure to "act now!"
    • Being asked to buy a prepaid money card
    • Sending money in advance to secure or insure a loan
    • Winning a contest you've never heard of or entered
    • Having to pay a fee to receive your "prize"
    • Requests for your personal information
    • Requests for a large down-payment
    • A company that refuses to provide written information

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    I actually learned a lot about these sleazy tactics from watching the movie 'Matchstick Men'. Really good movie about this kind of stuff. Recommend checking it out.
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    Nice, will do!