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Average American's dependence on social security - breakdown

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    I found this article covering the ratio of how much Social Security makes up an retiree's income. It's no secret that the majority of Americans count on SS and pensions as their main base of retirement income. The chart in this article paints a very stark picture.

    For one, this really inspires me to put back more into my savings, not to mention, possibly investing in bonds and stocks while I'm at it. It seems like every year the news about SS gets bleaker and bleaker for future retirees, especially for those who will not retire for decades. With the Social Security Trust Fund running out around 2035, losing retirees nearly 25% of total benefits, I think everyone should be looking for alternative means of income, supplemental at least.

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    Good points here. I am thinking exactly the same thing. Apparently the folks over at HBO's Last Week Tonight are wanting to get in on the conversation of retirement savings too. Watched this a bit ago, very funny and informative; worth your time I think:

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    I'm so glad he is on the air. We need shows like that one in times like these -very informative, brutally honest and funny.