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Scammers target seniors, saying that a relative is in jail

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    When you think people can't go any lower in life. I just received a phone call from my mom, telling me that my grandpa had called my dad, saying that he had been contacted by someone who said I was in jail in Florida and needed bail money, $975 to be exact. This man was convincing enough, obviously because my grandpa wouldn't pick up the phone while he was talking to the man. Finally, I called him. I guess seeing my number on the call ID finally made him click over. When he picked up the phone, he was still convinced I was in jail in Florida. It took a minute to convince him, but he finally hung up on the guy. This isn't the first time he has been contacted by scammers. Last time, they said I was in jail in the Philippines, and I needed a few grand in bail money. He was scammed out of a few hundred dollars by a "antivirus" company a few months ago. I explained to him today, that anyone asking for money over the phone is a scammer, even if they say they are the IRS(they only communicate through mail).

    Scammers taking advantage of seniors is nothing new, but I wanted to get a few of their tactics out there to the public. Hopefully this will prevent someone from getting scammed.

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    Wow. That's disgusting. Really good to point out though. Just don't ever give your card number to anyone on the phone you didn't either call first (and verified as a legitimate operation) or weren't already expecting a call from (from a # you, again, know is legit). It's been a long time since I had a land line, but I have gotten a few of these calls myself, years ago. They can be quite convincing.

    Anyone here ever gotten a call like this on their cell? I wonder if they only target land lines.. seems to be the case, in my experience.