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    Thought it a good idea to have a thread where folks can come and get some user approved free e-file apps or sites. So please share any and every e-file service that you have used, and let us know.. was it good/bad, easy/difficult, did it actually cost, was it really free, etc. Filing a simple tax return should not be an additional expense. There are waaayy too many supposed free services out there to take advantage of to have to pay for it, unless you feel your situation merits special attention.

    Also please note if they charge extra for additionally filing your state taxes as well, as a lot of sites seem to. Hopefully we can start a good resource here so people don't get caught in the cycle of buying into paying HR Block, Hewitt, etc $100+ for a simple W2.
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    Probably the best is the resource. This is what I used to file my 1040EZ. Was completely free!

    Free File: Do Your Federal Taxes for Free
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    That's the best free option. Most of the other tax websites let you do your 1040EZ for free as well, but it's easiest to just use the official IRS site.
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    Looks like TurboTax or TaxACT, as far as third party software sites go, are likely the best/cheapest. They claim to charge $0 for federal filing, plus no extras for EITC or health care filing either. H&R Block charges like $20 for EITC, for example. Though this is only for 1040EZ/A filing. Regular, long form 1040 filers will still be charged a fee that looks to start around $30-50 and up, depending upon what deductions, etc that you file.

    Also, filing state returns are additional for looks like all of these sites.. so long answer short, I would go with the IRS link. But, if for whatever reason, you chose to use a 3rd party software, most seem to offer a free (or very cheap) simple tax return filing option. As long as its simple, I don't see ANY reason to pay more than $20-$30 to file everything you need to for all your federal tax return needs.