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Indiana Can Seal Nominations for Trump and Clinton

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    Indiana is shaping up to be the state that may determine both the Democratic and Republican nominee for President and if the votes turn out the same way the polls are suggesting then those two people are going to be former Secretary Hillary Clinton and business mogul and reality television start Donald Trump.

    I'm not surprised that Clinton is all but assured to be the Democratic nominee, but I don't think many people would have ever guessed that Donald Trump was going to clinch the nomination for the Republicans, especially his rivals that he knocked off one by one throughout this process.

    Other candidates have pledged to stay in the race even if Trump and Clinton win tonight, but their path to the nomination becomes extremely hard, if not impossible, moving forward. That's why I think Indiana may be the final primary that matters.

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    Right you are, at least on the GOP side. I was kind of shocked actually, listening to the radio on my way home yesterday evening, to hear that Ted Cruz had dropped out of the race after he lost Indiana.

    "Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for President".. that sentence during the broadcast was so alien to me. I honestly never thought he had a chance. The reality star and realty mogul turned politician, over night. And now, he is one general election (and one Clinton) away from being POTUS. It feels like something straight out of a movie or something.

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    Kasich just dropped out. Trump wins the nomination after all. Indiana really was the make or break state, at least for the the republicans. Bernie seems to be doubling down though, after a slight win in the state. Should get interesting.