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Early retirement, pros and cons for different professions

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    I found an informative CNBC article on retirement that I thought was interesting. One cool thing about this article, is that it has a pretty comprehensive graph that shows "where aging hits your work skills the hardest." It brought up another interesting point that those who work in manual trades are more likely to retire early, which is understandable. I just wonder, if that is true, do they have to walk a tighter financial rope than others? If they take their Social Security early, they will then lose out on increased benefits later in life. Where as those in the not so manual trades, such as law, have the capacity to retire much later, giving them more time to stuff back cash and reap the benefits of taking their SS at a later time.
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    Makes total sense. I guess the hope is that the people that are in those professions (that they can't do later in life) are making a good deal to set back for when they get older, other than just banking on SS benefits. But obviously that doesn't happen for a vast majority of trade workers.

    Perhaps the other hope is that if you are in a trade for decades and decades, at some point you then have the opportunity to move up in the ranks of management and/or ownership, e.i. less manual labor intensive positions, still in the trade.