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Using automated tax software and being recently married

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    I don't know how many of you have experienced this, but here is my story. I've always used a web-based tax service to do my taxes, mostly because my taxes are so simple and they keep a data base of my previous returns. I don't itemized, I just go with the standard return, and I get to watch its progress on the website, which is kind of exciting when I know I'm getting a refund. While that is all well and good, I experienced something different this year. As soon as I got my return, I rushed to my computer to fill it out. I got married toward the last quarter of 2015. My plan was to file married but separate. Even though the return process went through swimmingly, I was greeted by a message that since I had been married recently and that I was filing separately, I wasn't able to send my return electronically. Instead I had to do the classic thing of sending it off at the post office. Has anyone ran into this problem or know anything about it? Will I be able to electronically file next year after being married a full year? I wonder.
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    That's really weird, but good to know for my 2016 taxes because I'll be getting married this September.

    We were planning on filing separately though because I'm a private contractor and it would just be a lot easier for the both of us to continue doing our taxes they way we are used to. I wasn't aware that I'll have to still mail my return in so thanks for letting us know.

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    Perhaps it is just the company I chose. I hope not, they have 3 years of my return history on there. Good luck to you on yours and congrats, by the way.