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Why Veteran Benefits Vary From State to State

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    Why do vets get paid different amounts of compensation benefits from one state to the next?? Assuming all things equal, how in the world is this fair? Are they working on changing this, so that its more uniform from state to state? .. sorry if title was misleading, as I know not. But hopefully if someone can chime in, we can get to the bottom of this.
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    Ran into this article: Without Help, Navigating Benefits Can Be Overwhelming For Veterans. Was the motivation for posting, really made me angry.
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    I can see how that made you angry. It made me angry, as well.

    We really have to figure out a way to streamline the system. Our veterans deserve better than having to go through long waits and endless paperwork.

    It also doesn't make much sense that states are able to have so much say in the matter. I can understand why there would be a different between Indiana and, say New York. New York is a very populous state and it costs a lot more to live there. But it doesn't make much sense that they would be paying spending less than a state like Utah.