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Can Anyone Beat Trump or Clinton After Super Tuesday?

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    Super Tuesday has come and gone and there were two clear winners: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Senator Sanders was able to win a few states and Senators Rubio and Cruz were able to steal a couple states from Donald Trump, but none of these candidates came close to winning as many delegates as Clinton and Trump.

    So the question is--can anyone beat the Democratic and Republican front runners? My guess is that it's a foregone conclusion that Secretary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, but there is a chance, albeit very minimal, that Rubio or Cruz can find a path to the nomination. I just don't see that happening though.

    Does anyone think that either of them have a chance to overtake Trump or is it too late?

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    The only thing I see that could stop Trump at this point is a massive controversy. But even that has a slim chance of derailing him. Trump is like teflon when it comes to those. And Bernie just doesn't seem to be able to garner enough votes. I don't see that changing either.

    So yeah. Looks to be Hilary v Trump.