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Democratic Primary Map Will Soon Favor Clinton

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    Fresh off an unexpectedly close second place in Iowa, Senator Sanders is heading into the New Hampshire primary with a commanding lead over Secretary Clinton. She has all but written off the state and seems to be looking ahead to a longer than expected primary race against Mr. Sanders.

    Sanders will likely look to capitalize on his expected win today, but the map will soon be looking far more friendly to Mrs. Clinton after New Hampshire. She is polling well ahead of Senator Sanders in both Nevada and South Carolina and then comes Super Tuesday, where fourteen states head to the polls, on March 1.

    Time will tell if Senator Sanders has built a big enough ground game in enough states to mount a serious challenge to Clinton. He has generated impressive grassroots support, but I just don't foresee him being able to take down Mrs. Clinton.

    Do you think Senator Sanders will be able to mount a serious challenge to Mrs. Clinton or do you agree with me that he likely won't be able to last much longer after Super Tuesday?

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    I have to agree with you. Senator Sanders does have broad appeal among the more passionate Democrats, but Secretary Clinton has the ground game that is vitally important in a national election. I think he'll stay in after Super Tuesday, but I would be shocked if he made it to the summer.
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    Interesting points, but people were saying the same thing about Barack Obama back in 2008 and we all know how that turned out. I think it's hard to predict what's going to happen until it actually happens. If Bernie wins in New Hampshire after a virtual tie in Iowa then I think this race is wide open.