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Clinton and Cruz Win Iowa Caucuses

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    The caucus goers in Iowa have had their say and now the 2016 campaign is officially under way. Secretary Clinton was declared the victor on the Democratic side, but only by the slightest of margins. The former Secretary beat Senator Sanders by 0.2%, 49.8% of delegates to Sanders' 49.6%.

    Senator Cruz won a plurality of the delegates, taking in 27.6%. Donald Trump wasn't far behind at 24.3% and Senator Rubio made a strong showing with 23.1% of the awarded delegates. The remainder of the Republican field was far behind of the top three candidates.

    What Iowa shows us is that both the Democratic and Republican fields are anything but settled, but does this mean we finally have our Republican front runners or will the upcoming states have a different idea?

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    I'm really surprised how tight the Democratic caucus was. Secretary Clinton might have been exuding confidence, but I'm sure she was really caught off guard with how close the caucus was.

    Senator Cruz's victory didn't surprise me at all. He spent countless hours crisscrossing Iowa and I'm actually surprised he didn't win by a larger margin. That likely shows how weak he actually is. He put everything he had into Iowa and barely won. Trump hardly did anything and came in a close second.