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Democrats Set to Square Off For Third Presidential Debate

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    The three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination are preparing for their third debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Many people thought this debate would be a slow affair considering it's being held on a Saturday evening, but Senator Sanders campaign threw that out the winder by effectively declaring war on the Democratic National Committee and their handling of the debate process. The Senator was in the news recently after one of his staffers inappropriately obtained voter information on Secretary Clinton supporters, but he effectively turned that negative into a positive after the DNC overreacted by banning Mr. Sanders from a database all Democratic contenders from the local to the federal level are privy to.

    That episode will surely be brought up in tonight's debate and it will be interesting to see how each side handles the issue. I expect to see Sanders go on the offensive against both Secretary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee's perceived bias towards her. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Secretary Clinton push back against that accusation and try to turn the tables on Senator Sanders. Either way, this will surely be a more lively debate than many people initially expected.

    You can watch the debate, which starts at 8pm EST, on ABC or livestream it at If you prefer to listen to it on the radio then you can tune in to your local ABC station.

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    It'll be interesting to see how Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton discuss this episode tonight. I have a feeling Sanders is going to come out swinging against the perceived bias the DNC has towards Mrs. Clinton. I wonder if Clinton is going to forcefully push back or do her awkward laugh whenever she's put in an uncomfortable position.
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    Interesting watching the HuffPost polling between Sanders and Clinton over the last few months.

    Was probably at its closest margin between Sept and mid Oct, by about 23-25 pts in Hilary's favor. And now she has what looks to be a commanding lead with over 36 pts over Bernie.

    I do wonder if its from reacting to the debates themselves thats having the change. OR if its people reacting to the news reacting to the debates (spin), and all the little trumped up stories that each side has had revealed (like the one episode you were mentioning above). Sadly, I think its the latter.