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GOP Ready for Last Presidential Debate of 2015

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    Republican contenders for the 2016 nomination are preparing to square off for the last time in 2015 and it should be another interesting debate. CNN is hosting the debate and it is being held in Las Vegas.

    Donald Trump, the undisputed front runner, will be front and center yet again. He will be flanked by Ben Carson and Senator Cruz. There will be nine contenders total participating in the "main" debate.

    Time is running short for some of the contenders who haven't been gaining much traction because the Iowa caucuses are less than two months away. If they aren't able to break through in these next couple of months then I would guess the field will be thinning out sooner rather than later.

    Is anyone planning on watching the debate tonight? If so, have you already made up your mind on who you will be voting for or are you still taking your time to see who will get your vote in the primary?

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    Haven't decided yet. I am indepedent. I never vote strict party. I vote for the talented leader. Hilary is a felon and FBI has a case, yet someone in the hierarchy is halting progress. She outright lied to the people about Benghazi - she emailed her family while it was happening that it was a terrorist attack. Yet she promoted the "video" idiotic lie. Sanders appeals to the Marxist concept that everyone shares the wealth. The GOP lineup is slightly stronger in contrast, isn't it? Trump - pro's paying his own campaign/built success/appeals to the USA anger. con's - illegal immigration is a tough topic and he projected a drastic approach at first. Kasich - go home to Ohio. Rubio - geesh Palin revisted - propped up by big money. Carson - solid message to all those who started in the worst possible economic place that it takes WORK (eureka...what a concept) to move forward with your life. Cruz - smart but can he ever generate support on both sides of the aisle? Bush - pa-leese - go home. It's just a matter of Bush money/pride that he's even in the race.

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    Every candidate talks about creating jobs, paying the national debt, educating the communities, etc, but all of them are missing the boat.. We have unemployment because we are giving wealth to 3rd world countries by moving manufacturing facilities to their countries and leaving American workers unemployed. We need to TAX all these good that were produced in the States, now coming from China, Mexico, etc. Likewise for the Oil, 3rd world countries break-even cost is $12/barrel. Our is $35 in the Shale. On top of that we are funding our enemies and terrorism. We need to Tax every barrel of oil coming from abroad, that money will pay the debt, level the field for domestic producers and maintains Americans employed with good salaries. We the government publish employment figures it is all about the McDonals and others making $9/hr...give us break and think candidates!