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Three Remaining Democratic Candidates Ready for In-Depth Debate

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    The two parties couldn't be more opposite when it comes to how their debates are conducted. The Republicans have to fight for as much speaking time as possible in a finite amount of time, but the Democrats don't have that issue because there is far fewer people running on the Democratic side. That means the three Democrats participating in tonight's debate will have plenty of time to try to convince Americans why they should be the nominee.

    I think it's a great thing that there will only be three people on the debate stage. Each candidate will be able to give in-depth answers instead of 30 second sound bites and each candidate will be forced to explain their positions in far more detail than they would if they were competing with nine other people for air time. That (hopefully) will lead to a more substantive debate that focuses on ideas instead of "one liners."

    Is anyone else planning on watching the debate tonight? If so, do you agree with me that it's a good thing there will only be three people on the stage or would you like to have more options since we are still so far away from officially selecting the next nominee?