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Election and Ballot Initiative Results and Discussion

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    CNN breaks down the biggest stories quite well. Just wanted to talk a bit about what happened during the November 2015 election and ballot initiatives. What passed, what failed, and why.

    First off, as another thread already mentioned, Ohio narrowly decides not to legalize marijuana. I believe this is because of the way the law was written (too restrictive). But if you think differently, or know better, please let me know. Definitely interested in what anyone from Ohio thinks about this initiative. Think it will pass if the law was more open?

    Second most talked about initiative happened in my home state, in Houston Tx. Last year the HERO law was passed, which was made to protect lesbian, gay and transgender people. But many see the law as unfairly allowing transgender people to go into whichever public bathroom that want (for instance) and feel its not fair. I wonder where everyone here lands on that issue...? They were able to repeal it, with a massive campaign against it. For now anyways. I'm sure that fight isn't over.

    Something I thought was cool.. San Fran protected AirBNB's rights to continue to rent out their spare rooms/houses on a short term basis with a ballot initiative. Aparently the hotel industry was vying to stop that commerce. Glad to see the little guys won there.

    Others of note:

    Texas passes Prop 6, allowing much less restriction on hunting and gaming.

    And almost as a retort to that, Washington passed Measure 1401, which criminalizes "selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing certain animal species threatened with extinction."


    Seattle passed a very interesting initiative to allow residents to support local candidates by passing out "democracy vouchers" (basically coupons worth $25 a piece, x4 per citizen) in an effort to give people more of a voice, without having to come out of pocket just to have a voice. I really like this idea. I certainly hope a version of it sweeps through the U.S., to even up the influence of money in politics.

    I know that's a lot to cover. But feel free to chime in on any of these.