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Polls Suggest Marijuana Legalization is a Toss Up in Ohio

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    Ohio is voting on whether to become the fifth, and largest, state to legalize marijuana and polling shows that the ballot initiative is a toss up. The most recent poll from the University of Akron is a tie with 46 percent both for and against the measure. That means the eight percent who are undecided will determine the outcome of the initiative.

    Passage would be a big deal because Ohio is by far the largest state to vote on the legalization of marijuana and it would also continue a string of victories at the state level for marijuana advocates. Opposition to the Ohio measure is strong from all sides because the way the measure is written basically lets the government pick only ten legal dispensaries that will be able to grow and sell the plant while excluding all other businesses who want a license.

    Because of that strong opposition, I genuinely don't know which way Ohioans will vote today. I can see it going both ways, but I think it will be a razor thin margin either way.

    Has anyone else been following this issue in Ohio? If so, what do you think about it?

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    Unfortunately it didn't pass. But I don't think it's because the state didn't want weed legal in general. It seems as though they were not happy with the letter of this particular law, because it was too restricting and didn't allow for but 10 dispensaries, which would have created monopolies from jump street. I think this is more of a cry for more fairness with a crazy profitable market from the beginning of it's selling period, so that more people can benefit from this new commodity.