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Democratic Debate Recap

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    The first Democratic debate couldn't have been more opposite than the first two Republican debates. Maybe this is because the Democrats only had five people on the stage, but the differences between the two are unmistakable. While the Republican debates were defined by vitriol and "out Trumping Trump" the Democratic debate was largely cordial and policy focused.

    To no one's surprise, the night was dominated by Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders with the other three debaters doing anything they could to get a word in. Nothing the lower tier said throughout the debate is likely to give them a bump in the polls and it is only a matter of time before one, two, or all three of them step aside and let this become a two person race. That is unless Vice President Biden decides to throw his hat into the ring.

    Both Clinton and Sanders supporters have sought to claim victory, but every focus group the major networks set up gave Sanders a clear victory. Many in the media have claimed the opposite and say that Clinton was the winner. One thing is clear though--these were the top two contenders going in to the debate and they are unquestionably the top two contenders today.

    There were many great moments in the evening, but one of my favorites was when a very animated Senator Sanders quipped that people are sick and tired of hearing about Secretary Clinton's email practices and would much rather be focused on the issues of the campaign. It's not often that a political opponent will not try to hit their rival when they are down, but Senator Sanders isn't your typical politician.

    Did anyone else watch the debate last night? If so, were you impressed with the debate and how it was conducted or were you disappointed with it?