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  • Anthem and Cigna appear to be approaching a $48 billion merger deal, which could be announced as early as Thursday, according to people familiar with the situation, the Wall Street Journal reports (Mattioli et al., Wall Street Journal, 7/22).
  • A year and a half after the Affordable Care Act brought widespread reforms to the U.S. healthcare system, Chicago's Cook County Health & Hospitals System has made its first profit in 180 years. Seven hundred miles south, the fortunes of Atlanta's primary public hospital, Grady Health System, haven't improved, and it remains as dependent as ever on philanthropy and county funding to stay afloat.
  • Last week, Gov. Bill Walker announced he would use his constitutional authority to expand Medicaid in Alaska. A lot of the debate has focused on how this will give more than 40,000 Alaskans access to health care, but there is another reason why I support the governor’s action. It’s good for business.
  • For the last four years, Texas healthcare providers have received billions of dollars from the federal government for treating the uninsured while implementing programs to keep them healthy. The state will need to ask for a renewal this year if it wants that money once the funds’ authorization expires in September 2016. And there’s no guarantee Texas will be given more money. The saga of the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program has incensed politicians, triggered nervousness in providers, and now has once again sparked a standoff of sorts between Texas and the Obama administration.