How to Watch 2016 Election Coverage on TV and Online

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The race to choose the next President is now officially under way. All fifty states and territories will get to have their say in choosing both the Democratic and Republican nominees for President, but it is very likely we will know who that person will be well before the final states head to the polls.

Iowa is the first state who gets to have their say and it will likely be a make or break moment for many in the crowded Republican field. All major news stations will be airing live coverage both on television and online, so it will just depend on which channel you like the most. Their live coverage from Iowa will be on throughout the day, but the three major news channels will have special coverage when the results start coming in.

MSNBC will have Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Brian Williams hosting "The Place for Politics."

Fox News will have Bret Baier & Megyn Kelly hosting "America’s Election Headquarters."

CNN will be airing "America’s Choice 2016: The Iowa Caucus," but they have not divulged who will be hosting the special.

New Hampshire is up next and the same stations airing all day coverage in Iowa will be following suit in New Hampshire.

The next major day to know after New Hampshire is Tuesday, March 1st, otherwise known as "Super Tuesday." Fifteen states head to the polls then and we may or may not know the Democratic and Republican nominees after that day. If not, then the primary season will continue until there is only one person standing on both sides of the aisle.

Below are all the links to political and apolitical sites you can live stream every single primary results throughout the 2016 campaign.




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