Find Medicare Providers & Doctors In Your Area Using This Guide

Tue Feb 28, 2017 14:13:00PM
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This guide will help you locate any and all healthcare physicians that accept Medicare in your area, as well as help you determine if you qualify for Medicare in the first place, and how much your premium should be.

*Feel free to skip the first section if you are just wanting information on how to locate providers in your area.

Eligibility & Premium Calculator for Medicare

To determine if you qualify for Medicare, visit's Eligibility & Premium Calculator website. There you will see 2 green buttons: one that says "Find out if I'm eligible" and the other that reads "Calculate my premium".

Be sure and click on the eligibility one first, and fill out the questionnaire. If you then determine you are eligible (or you already know you qualify and just want to see what your premium should be), click on the Calculate button.

Another resource for determining if you qualify for Medicare by seeing the requirements is AARP's Do You Qualify for Medicare?.

Once you know you qualify and how much your premium should be, you can move on to finding a physician in your area that accepts Medicare.

Locating Medicare Providers and Doctors

CMS or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the resource to use to find absolutely all the info on doctors that accept Medicare near you.

Use the Physician Compare tool on their website to find all the doctors and healthcare providers near you that accept your Medicare. There you can search by your location (zip code, city/state, address, or even landmark) and also by any doctor's name or specialty, or even medical condition that you are seeking treatment for.

Results will filter back to you, showing you all the doctors and providers in your area that will accept your Medicare, complete with contact info, ratings, areas they specialize in, and much, much more. It's a great tool.

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I need a doctor that can prescribe narcotics fo shoulder, back, fibromyalgia, and send me for MRI"s , Labs, tests and actually help me I also have serious depression ,anxiety I live in Woodland Park colorado nobody here tried the phonebook for colorado Springs 35 miles away no luck maybe Pueble or even Denver but cannot get any help as soon as you say oxycontin or zanex they run away they think you are a drug addict I have been on some kind of pain and those kinds of meds for ten years is there a list of anything??? sent us to a quack that turned out not to give narcotics or anything for pain or anxiety but put 5 shots in my wifes spine and almost crippled her what is the deal???