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  • 5 Simple Steps For Making Tax Day As Painless As Possible
    April 15th, otherwise own as Tax Day, is ever nearing. If you're one of the millions of Americans that has decided to put off your filing to closer to deadline day and are trying to jog your memory back into tax filing gear, no worries. That's what this entry is for.
  • Two Simple Things May Help Lower Your Chance of an IRS Audit
    Being on the receiving line of an Internal Revenue Service agents phone call or mailing informing you that your tax returns are being audited is a nightmare that millions of Americans have undoubtedly had. A tax audit can turn an otherwise quiet life upside down and cause undue stress on an individual and their family.
  • How to Choose the Right Tax Professional
    Finding the right tax professional who is able to find you every deduction, credit, and write-offs can oftentimes seem like an impossible task, but it doesn't have to be.
  • Social Security Benefits - How To Calculate Your
    Determining whether or not you have to pay taxes on your Social Security benefits really comes down to two factors: 1) your tax filing status, and 2) the amount of your "combined" income. Generally speaking though, you will not have to pay any taxes on your Social Security benefits at all, if that is your only source of income.
  • Save on Taxes by Investing in IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)
    Have you ever made contributions to an IRA account, then wondered if you can deduct that investment from your taxes? The simple answer yes, you can, but only in some cases.It all depends on what kind of IRA you contribute to, and in some cases your income level, and if you are covered by an employer-run retirement account or not.

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  • What Ohioans Need To Know About Tax DayMon Apr 15, 2019 |
    Monday is the deadline for Americans to file their personal income taxes.
  • Why does Minnesota tax Social Security benefits?Mon Apr 15, 2019 |
    Minnesota is among a minority of states — just 13 — that impose a state-level tax on Social Security benefits. Why does Minnesota do that? The answer can be traced back to...
  • What to do about Maine’s tax burdenMon Apr 15, 2019 |
    The Legislature should start by fully funding revenue sharing and state education funding.
  • Millions didn't get tax refund this yearMon Apr 15, 2019 |
    Some Americans are getting a sobering surprise as they finish their 2018 taxes -- instead of getting an expected refund, they owe money. And they may be in the same boat...
  • Did you miss out on an income tax refund?Mon Apr 15, 2019 |
    Despite all the talk about a tax cut after President Trump’s successful overhaul of the tax code, many people are reporting that they are paying more to the federal...
  • Some Helpful Facts for Tax Day 2019Mon Apr 15, 2019 |
    For Tax Day, ITEP has released several new reports that tell a broad story about our nation’s federal, state and local tax systems, providing important details about taxes...
  • Last Day To File Taxes Is HereSun Apr 14, 2019 |
    The new law adjusted the withholding tax from paychecks, so most people kept more money for most of last year.
  • TurboTax answers most commonly asked tax questionsFri Apr 12, 2019 |
    The tax deadline is almost here, and with the tax deadline comes a wide range of tax questions from filers.
  • The best and worst U.S. states for taxpayersThu Apr 11, 2019 |
    As the tax deadline nears, residents of some states are bearing the brunt of it more than others.
  • Capital gains tax break passes House committeeThu Mar 19, 2015 |
    Arkansas lawmakers moved Thursday to restore a 2013 capital gains tax break that had been scaled back to help pay for a $102 million middle class income tax reduction that...

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