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Free stream from CNN. About time. This should happen for every non-local channel debate.
Interested to see Fiorina. Don't know much about her.
Interesting how they chose their lineup. No doubt these 10 candidates will be the front runners from this point on. Noticeably Rick Perry and Santorum are not there. And neither are any of the women candidates.
Good to see Facebook co-sponsoring. I think that's a perfect use of social media.
I truly do not understand my state's (TX) thinking on not taking medicaid expansion. NPR did a report citing it would increase jobs by thousands and boost the overall economy by several % points. I really hope they can come to a more logical conclusion on this and change their minds.
Logical to include a lawyer. The math can be quite confusing.
Had no idea that getting remarried before the age of 60 had anything to do with Social Security benefits. Apparently it makes sense to wait, once you get close to that age. Strange.
Helpful info, particularly the part about 'will I lose benefits if I collect SS and work?'. I've wondered that before myself.
Displaying 8 Comments