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Vice Presidential Debate - TV & Online Viewing

Vice Presidential Debate - TV & Online ViewingPresidential candidate Donald Trump with Vice Presidential candidate Governor Mike Pence.By: Gage Skidmore
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  • Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will participate in 3 national debates before the general election occurs on November 4th. Vice Presidential candidates Tim Kaine (D) and Mike Pence (R) will also have their own debate.

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  • The 2016 Democratic National Convention is being held in Philadelphia July 25-28 and you can live-stream every minute of it on your computer or other compatible device.Democrats will be airing wall to wall coverage on the official Democratic National Committee's YouTube Channel. They will have a live stream and also post individual speeches in case you missed a certain speaker.
  • This entry includes a full list of every speaker appearing at the 2016 Republican National Convention, as well as times, dates and TV channels for every day of the RNC National Convention. Donald Trump and his family will be a big part of the main headliners lineup, as well as many Republican Senators and Governors, athletes, celebrities, and more.
  • The race to choose the next President is now officially under way. All fifty states and territories will get to have their say in choosing both the Democratic and Republican nominees for President, but it is very likely we will know who that person will be well before the final states head to the polls.

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