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Where can I find "allowable" charges for an approved botox procedure

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    I am

    New to this sight so please be patient with me 😉 I am seeing a new pain management Dr and he suggested botox to help loosen the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades and head as well. Well his first request was denied on his part so I called TC myself and got the right info and got the procedure(s) approved😏 but when I showed up for my appointment he said he had to Che k how much they pat because each one is $1000! I told him you have to accept the allowable amount per your contract. SO NOW he says he has to find out what that is before he can do anything, this after waiting in his office over 2 hours! I left bawling and it hasn't stopped pretty much on and off since I left the office 😢can anyone guide me where I can find the allowable amount for the codes approved so I can save myself the heartache? I think its wrong and miss leading what he has done! AND you bet I am Beyond frustrated!!!!! I did billing for about 3 years but its been 10 and im a little bit dusty!!! Any help at all would help me so much!!!!

    thank you!


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    Have you tried calling your insurance provider? They can usually explain what is or isn't covered.

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    You can call your life insurance agent and ask the said question. You can write to the concerned department.
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    You can receive restructuring to your hair folic and that stimulates the nerves in your brain and allows you to think more wisely about actions to take on issues such as that, through your insurance company or if you have an unwanted agent sue them.