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Free 4-Year Public College. If New York can do it, every state can.

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    Is there any chance that other states will follow New York's example and offer absolutely free, four year college tuition?

    If you weren't aware, New York just passed a program called the Excelsior Scholarship, that will be rolled out over the next 3 years, that makes tuition for a four year public college in the state completely free to anyone that is a resident and is a part of a family that makes less than $125,000/year.

    One catch is that you have to remain a New York resident for a few years after graduation. I assume this is to stimulate the economy after you receive the value of the free education. Seems completely fair to me.

    There are no caps on how many students can be eligible. That's another huge boon to this program. Really the only knock that some lawmakers have is that it's also incredibly expensive to pay for housing and books and whatnot. So there is still an outcry for the program to go further, especially for the lower income households, making it even less expensive all around.

    That being said, c'mon.. free tuition. We already have some states offering completely free tuition for 2 year community colleges: Tennessee, Oregon, and Minnesota. And many more could follow suit.

    I wonder if this will start a trend, and then eventually a landfall where every state could one day offer free four year degrees at every single public college in the nation? As important as education is, I think New York is setting an awesome precedent of priorities for their state, and I would love to see every other state follow suit.

    The #1 burden young people have in this country going into the workforce is student loan debt. Can you imagine if the next generation coming up never had to worry about that? Our country would be inherently different, 100% for the better.

    What are your thoughts on what NY is doing? Can it be done in your state? Or is this a luxury singular to NY's budget? I'm curious if anyone here disagrees that tuition from public universities should be free/state funded.

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    This is truly exciting. I see more of the progressive northern/eastern/ western states doing it, possibly. I have my doubts about the South and Midwest. Most states in the South have smaller budgets for education. This would truly turn many higher education problems around, if other states jumped onto the bandwagon.
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    They are doing very good work. It should be implemented in all colleges and universities. We can help them who can not afford their own education.