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spouse/children benefit

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    My husband is getting ready to retire(62) we have a dependent child. In researching I find that I the spouse can receive on spouse benefits on husbands record up until the child is 16(being I am 59). Now the question is how much will this effect my benefits later, and or at 62 can I draw as a spouse on my husbands record at 62, then draw on mine at 66yrs 8month? Why do they make this sssooo confusing? :(
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    I definitely agree about everything being so confusing. To help with your situation, can you give us some more info? Like.. Did you work enough to draw social security in retirement? Are you working now?

    With spousal benefits, you are able to get up to 50% of your spouse's benefits, from age 62 onward. But I don't think you can claim earlier than age 62. So the reason I ask about your work history is if you also worked and made close to what your husband earned, it might be a higher benefit for you to claim your own social security early instead.

    Either way, claiming either your own social security or spousal will count as early retirement, and you will receive reduced monthly payments for claiming early vs waiting until full retirement age.

    Just depends on your life situation. There are no wrong answers. If you could use the money now (or as soon as you turn 62) and don't mind taking the cut, claim early. But if you can wait, you will get much higher payouts if you wait until 65-67.

    Here's a good article on exactly what you're asking. Hope this helps.

    How the The Social Security Spouse Benefit Works

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    This video should help as well:

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    That's a great video explaining a pretty confusing topic.
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    To both parties make sure you know your rights to social security and fill out the correct forms needed such as joint filing issues form this will allow separation in your filing, and make mention if you have a child tax credit this places you in a different tax bracket. Amending a tax issue is really not a social security position, unless it's dealing with identity theft.