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Finding Medicaid Providers in the State You Reside in

Thu Jul 23, 2015 15:51:26PM | Categories: Medicaid Providers
Two physicians examining an a patients X-Ray resultsBy: Rocky Ro

With the expansion of Medicaid in 31 states there are more individuals than ever before who have access to quality healthcare at little to no cost. That is a wonderful achievement, but finding a provider who accepts Medicaid patients has the potential be a little confusing to the individuals who have never been on the program before.

Before I go too far, I would encourage anyone who is questioning if they are eligible for Medicaid to apply for coverage. Applying for coverage is free of charge, but it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted. That will depend largely on how much you or your family makes each year and what state you live in. If you live in a state that expanded their Medicaid program then your income threshold will be higher than individuals or families who live in states that chose not to expand the program.

Once you have been accepted for Medicaid then you will need to find a provider that accepts individuals and families on the program. This again will depend greatly on what state you live in and whether you live in a bustling metropolis or in the countryside.

Some states have far more resources to help those individuals to get connected with a provider and other states do not, but the best resource to begin your search is by using the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services "Physician Compare" tool.

Once you go to the "Physician Compare" website then you will need to type in your city or zip code and then type in "Medicaid Providers." You will then be taken to a page that lists all of the doctors and hospitals that accept Medicaid in your area.

Another thing you can do is call the member services phone number on your eligibility letter or the back of your enrollment card. They will be able to provide you with a list of medical professionals who accept Medicaid recipients.

If you have any further questions then I would refer you to the "Using your new Medicaid or CHIP coverage" page on The page answers frequently asked questions and provides you with a list of resources to help you utilize your coverage.

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